About US

Taste that Sparks up Beauty

Imagine a product that keeps you on the edge with its zesty tantalizing taste that is not easily forgotten. That perfect experience is what we create at Hakis Foods.

Chips and crisp in particular have been delightful snacks from time immemorial and have been enjoyed by millions of people but have mostly been produced without standard, class and finesse; this created a problem in demand. We at Hakis Foods saw a void that needed to be filled and we leveraged on it.

All Hakis chips are formulated to match your favorite homemade snack with a unique distinct flavor under optimum natural conditions; from the finest of ingredients with a dash of zest and the right dose of love from us all at Hakis Foods just for your taste buds never to forget the experience, to lighten you up everyday!

What’s more??? Our chips are gluten and cholesterol free and absorb less oil than others. So get that crunchy irresistible taste that can only be from Hakis.


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